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Husky Park and musher-driven safari 5 km in Rovaniemi


2 h


Rovaniemi, Lapland







Visit the popular Husky Park and go for a 5 km husky ride in the area of Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Circle Husky Park has operated next to Santa Claus Village for several decades. At the moment there are about 100 huskies in the park, twice or three times a year puppies are born, so there are always puppies or at least youngsters in the park.

The focus of all operations in Husky Park is the dogs, real, purebred Siberian Huskies, and special attention has been paid to their well-being and natural needs. This can be seen for example in fencing placing, which is unusual in this kind of operation, and also in dog feeding, which consists only of raw food.

After a short security briefing, you will hop into a musher-driven sleigh, which can take 2 adults and a child. Just sit back to enjoy a thrilling husky ride!

The musher will stand behind you on the runners and you will get a feeling that dogs are pulling you at their discretion. The duration of the ride is about 20 min. and the distance is about 5 km. After the safari, you can warm up by an open fire in our yard and also spend time in the park meeting the other dogs.


  • Transfer. 

  • Guiding. 

  • Gingerbread cookies, and hot beverages.


Warm winter clothing.


  1. We recommend wearing warm winter clothing. 

  2. Warm clothing can be rented separately.