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Self-guided husky safari 10 km in Levi with extra departures


3 h


Levi, Lapland







Are you prepared for an exciting adventure that will be eternally memorable?

Experience the thrill of a self-guided husky safari covering a track of 10 km, with an approximate safari duration of 35-40 minutes. The safari time may vary, incorporating stop-overs and adapting to weather conditions, allowing for a dynamic and immersive experience. Stops provide an opportunity for the musher and passenger to interchange positions.

Our adventure

Our adventure unfolds across three husky kennels, conveniently situated about a 30-minute drive from Levi Center. Each kennel is managed by professional sport dog mushers, boasting specially trained Arctic-Alaskan breed huskies. Originating from cross-breeding in Alaska during the Gold Rush era, this breed, comprising over 50 dogs per kennel, includes Arctic-Alaskan and Siberian huskies, along with adorable puppies.

Upon arrival, receive comprehensive instructions for independently steering the dog sled, and initiating the safari promptly. The trail meanders through enchanting forests and, depending on the kennel, picturesque frozen rivers.


Post-safari, explore the kennel surroundings, interact with the dogs, and capture

memorable moments with them. Step inside a warm teepee, where an open fire awaits, providing a cozy ambiance to enjoy a hot drink and cookies. Engage with the host, who shares insights into life with these remarkable dogs and is open to answering any queries.


  • Transfer

  • Guiding

  • Self-guided husky safari

  • Gingerbread cookies and hot berry juice.


  • Meals.

  • Winter clothing.

  • Single supplement for husky safari self-guided.


  1. We strongly recommend wearing warm winter clothing. It can be rented separately before the departure from the Safari market office in Levi Center.

  2. It’s better to be overly warm dressed than “underdressed”, especially on longer safari programs. In cold weather, we recommend applying no-water-based winter cream for the face and covering tightly open skin areas.

  3. Please take off your gloves/mittens when touching the huskies. They love to play with gloves and might break them easily. Do not be afraid of the dogs, as they are genetically friendly to people. Do not feed the dogs.