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Arctic Snow Hotel with snow sauna experience and dinner in Lappish Kota restaurant


7 h


Rovaniemi, Lapland







Relax in the cold warmth: an astonishing combination of warm steam in a unique snow sauna combined with a dinner and snow hotel-guided visit.

After taking a 30-minute transfer, you arrive at Arctic Snow Hotel which offers an excellent opportunity to view the spectacular Northern Lights. Arctic SnowHotel is a venue that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the opportunity to explore snow and ice structures, spectacular ice sculptures, beautiful rooms of the hotel, and arctic specialties, such as the Snow Sauna.

After the tour, it is time to get ready for your sauna experience and the guide will tell you all about the traditional Finnish sauna and give you also a short time to try our unique Snow Sauna and see how you can get the best steam. Together with a traditional Finnish sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, this is an extreme experience beyond comparison!

The price includes also towels and slippers. Notice that each sauna will be booked for private use for each family. The dinner of the evening is served in a magical atmosphere by an open fire at Lappish Kota restaurant. During the evening it is also possible to walk around the hotel area on your own and warm up at Sky Bar. The bar has also a second floor with a glass roof where you can hopefully see the northern lights as well while being inside.


Starter: Creamy carrot soup smoked cheese cream and crispy onion.

Main course options (please choose one): Salmon glow-fried by the open fire, baked potato filled with creme fraiche, dill-tartar sauce and anis pickled cabbage-onion salad, Traditional sautéed reindeer, Lappish potato mash, pickled cucumbers and lingonberry jam, Parsnip pure, sauteed broad bean and leek, cherry tomato salsa, tomato sauce and anis pickled cabbage-onion salad (vegan).

Dessert: Warm blueberry pie, caramelized blueberries, and white chocolate sauce.


  • Transport. 

  • Guided tour. 

  • Entrance to the Snow Hotel / Castle. 

  • Dinner in Lappish teepee. 

  • Finnish sauna. 

  • Snow sauna, outside jacuzzi, towels, slippers.


Warm winter clothing Snacks Alcoholic and any other drinks in the Ice Bar or in a warm café.


  • We recommend wearing warm winter clothing, as the temperature inside the Snow Hotel is still below zero. 

  • Warm clothing can be rented separately. 

  • Please provide clients' shoes, trousers, and jacket sizes.