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How to Choose the Right Husky Safari in Levi

Selecting the ideal husky safari in Levi can seem overwhelming, given the variety of options and considerations involved. However, it doesn't have to be a difficult task.

We recognize the challenges that travelers face when planning the Lapland trip. Fortunately, there are practical tips to simplify the decision-making process. By comparing the following programs, you can confidently choose a husky tour that aligns with your preferences and needs, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

List of Our Husky Programs in Levi, Finland:

Husky Safari for Families with Children

Safety and Engagement should be the main priority during the program. Family-oriented tours often include shorter dog rides, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for children, opportunities for kids to interact with the dogs, roast marshmallows and hear fun stories about animals.

We recommend for families:

Husky Programs in Levi, Husky Park

Nature and Wildlife lovers

Tours focusing on nature and wildlife offer routes that maximize opportunities to observe the epic sceneries, local nature and provide educational insights about husky farms' day-to-day life. Longer distance safaris include stops for wildlife watching, swapping the sled driver, guided instructions, and information sessions.

This is the optimal choice:

Husky ride in Levi, self-driven, 10 km

Couples and Honeymooners

Tailored tours for couples offer more romantic settings and special touches to create a romantic atmosphere. A private husky safari and personalized service throughout the tour is a good option. Contact us for more details about the private husky tour.

Key Features of Husky Programs from Scandinavian Travel Group:

  • We partner with small local husky farms

  • Our groups are small, usually up to 10 people for the self-driven rides 5 and 10 km

  • Comfortable transfers

  • Experienced multilanguage and fun guides telling engaging local stories

  • Stunning and epic scenery locations

Still not sure what to book?

Do not worry, we are here to help!

Ilya, Sales Team of STG Safrimarket Levi

I’m Ilya. I understand the struggle to find the right program. Contact me and I’ll help you to choose the right safari.

Or book online:


Q: Which safari is better: Self-driven or musher-driven?

Choosing between a self-driven or musher-driven safari depends on your preference for adventure. Self-driven allows you to take the reins and guide your own sled, while musher-driven lets you sit back and enjoy the ride while a professional musher leads the way. If you're new to husky sledding or prefer a more relaxed experience, a musher-driven safari might be the way to go. But if you're up for a hands-on adventure and want to feel the thrill of being in control, opt for a self-driven safari.

Q: What distance is considered suitable for a Husky Safari?

Typically, self-driven safaris range from around 5 kilometers for a shorter adventure to 20 kilometers or more for a longer expedition. When deciding on the distance, consider factors like your physical fitness, experience level, and how much time you want to spend out in the wilderness, temperatures outside and your cold tolerance. 5 km ride usually takes 20 min, while 10 km ride is about 30 min of active driving. Keep in mind that our safaris also include transfer with guides storytelling, dogs introduction and guiding instructions, a hut with warm drinks and interactions with dogs. So the whole experience takes 2-3h.

Q: What's the best Husky Safari experience for families with kids?

For families with kids, a shorter self-driven safari or a musher-driven safari is usually the best option. Look for tours that offer kid-friendly experiences, such as gentle dogs and shorter routes. It's also important to consider the age and comfort level of your children when choosing a safari. Some tours may have age restrictions or specific requirements for children, so be sure to check with the tour operator before booking. Ultimately, the best Husky Safari experience for families with kids is one that's safe, fun, and memorable for everyone involved.

Q: What is included in Husky Excursion?

●       The Husky program usually includes return transportation with a guide and storytelling, the husky ride, and treats of gingerbread cookies and hot berry juice in a warm teepee around an open fire with some stories from the host.

●       Our recommendations: Dress warmly in winter clothing, which can be rented from the Safari market office before departure. Remember, it's better to be overly warm than underdressed! Protect exposed skin with no-water-based winter cream and be sure to remove gloves/mittens when interacting with the huskies.

●       Good to know: Each sled can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults plus 1 small child (under 4 years old), ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


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