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Electric snowmobile safari during nighttime in Levi


3 h


Levi, Lapland







Join us for this green experience of the magic of northern nature in the evening twilight!

Silent eSleds offer an environmentally sustainable way to enjoy clean and fresh Arctic nature on our safaris. The eSled is very easy to drive for beginners due to its special electric drive and user-friendly operation. eSled tours are specially designed for a silent and emission-free safari experience.

Our mission is to preserve the pure Lappish nature and provide an authentic and exhilarating experience to our guests in Arctic surroundings. Join us to experience the magic of northern nature in the evening twilight. Drive through a beautiful winter landscape in complete silence with the electric snowmobile headlights. We stop for a break in the middle of the pitch-dark forest.

While the guide makes a campfire, listen to the stories and facts about the Northern Lights and if you are interested in the electric snowmobiles as well! Enjoy a Lappish snack break and grill sausages on the fire while observing the skies above you. With good luck, we may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The average speed during our tours is limited due to safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on one snowmobile unless a single (solo) supplement has been booked. Children under 140 cm in height ride in a sleigh pulled by the guide's snowmobile.


  • Transfer. 

  • Guided safari. 

  • Warm clothing, boots, helmet, gloves/mittens, socks, scarf. 

  • Sausage grilling, flatbread, pastry, and hot drinks. 

  • The standard price is given for one person on a double snowmobile or in a sled. Solo driving is available as a supplement. 

  • Child price is valid for a child under 140 cm seated in a sleigh. Insurance covers accidents with a maximum driver excess of 1000 €.



We recommend wearing thermo body-wear & multilayer clothing and woolen socks.