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Visit Santa Claus Hideaway in Rovaniemi


1 h


Rovaniemi, Lapland







Experience the Christmas atmosphere with the whole family!

Experience the Christmas atmosphere with the whole family! A bus drive away we find a hidden place in the woods out of town. Here lives a Reindeer Herder together with the mother of the woods, the Forest Queen, and the man in red, Santa Claus, who has his own secret little wooden house.

Let us take you on a fairy journey to meet the characters and enter the magical Christmas place! Upon arrival we are warmly welcomed by our host, the Forest Queen, so let's follow her on a candle-lit path into an adventure.

The Forest Queen gives us Christmassy tasks to complete:

Fairy task 1 — Find the secret house of Santa Claus and meet him in person, remember to bring your letter with you! Santa has a small gift for all children.

Fairy task 2 — Decorate crunchy gingerbread cookies in a cozy and warm wooden house. Eat all straight away or take home as a little present!

Fairy task 3 — Try a reindeer sleigh ride, close your eyes, and imagine you fly like Santa does!

Fairy task 4 — Write your deepest wish and hang it in on the "Christmas tree of the wishes", because Lapland is where the magic happens!

Fairy task 5 — Taste the local and traditional Lappish Christmas porridge made of rice and delicious hot berry juice to fill your belly in between the adventures.

Snowmobile for children, and much more!

During that magical day, we can also enjoy fun in the snow: several whole family outdoor activities such as tobogganing, kick sledding, mini-snowmobile for children, and much more wait for all little adventurers! After sharing some great family time, all minds full of experiences, we return to the city with wonderful memories!


  • Meeting with Santa in a wooden house. 

  • Reindeer sleigh ride of 400 m. 

  • Wishing tree crafts, mini snowmobiling, and outdoor snow playground.

  • Christmas rice porridge with a hot beverage. 

  • Baking gingerbread cookies. 

  • 1 gift per child, and guiding in English. 

  • Winter clothing. 

  • Return transfers.