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The silversmith also works in the building 

Regine Juhls also learned the silversmith's craft, although for her, silver was a means of artistic expression and her Tundra series is regarded as a modern classic. Her jewelry features light, fragile, organic, and imaginative lines, inspired by the vegetation and light of the tundra, and landscape of the Finnmark plain.

Local Saami reindeer herder's camp

After visiting Juhl's silver gallery you will go to a local Saami reindeer herder's camp and get a taste of the life of Saami people: you'll sit on the snowmobile sled and take a ride to the "back yard" of Saami, to the local forest wilderness camp. Here everyone gets a chance to choose his/her reindeer, which you will use in the first part of the competition: racing in a circle driving reindeer sleds. 

The second part will be lasso throwing.


Lucky winners of 3 first places will be awarded prizes. Then you'll be invited inside a traditional Saami home – teepee "laavu", where you will sit around the open fire, taste a traditional meal made by a local Saami family, and hear some master's storytelling and joking performance of young Saami woman.

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