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Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Lapland with Scandinavian Travel Group's Hiking and Nature Activities. Explore Levi and Rovaniemi City through guided hikes, e-fat bike adventures, and visits to enchanting national parks.

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Book an unforgettable winter adventure in Lapland! Join our guided Electric Fat Bike Tour through the stunning landscapes of Levi, Finland. Experience the thrill of the Lappish terrain, sip on hot drinks, and discover the nature-protected area of Kätkätunturi. Secure your spot online at Scandinavian Travel Group.

Levi fells and forest on an e-fatbike with a guide in Levi

A daytime guided electric-assisted fat-bike trip in the nature-protected area.

3 h

Levi, Lapland


Discover the snowy landscapes of Levi in Lapland with our Electric Fatbike Tours. Book your family-friendly outdoor adventure online at Scandinavian Travel Group. Enjoy the scenic beauty effortlessly with electric-powered bikes in Finland.

Electric fatbike day rental in Levi

Easy day rental (10:00 - 17:00) of an electric assisted fatbike delivered to your accommodation in Levi.

7 h

Levi, Lapland


Explore the breathtaking Korouoma geological fracture valley in Posio, Rovaniemi (Lapland). Book your winter adventure online with Scandinavian Travel Group. Experience the magic of frozen waterfalls and ice climbing in Finland's premier destination.

Korouoma national park and Frozen waterfalls

Ancient bedrock cracks unveil stunning frozen waterfalls, creating a magical winter experience for visitors.

5 h

Rovaniemi, Lapland



Levi, Finland

Keskuskuja 2 B 3, 99130 Sirkka, FI

Discover Lapland's Natural Wonders: Hiking and Nature Activities

Welcome to Scandinavian Travel Group's Hiking and Nature Activities, your gateway to the unspoiled landscapes of Levi and Rovaniemi City in Lapland, Finland. Uncover the secrets of Lapland's wilderness with our guided hikes, electric fatbike adventures, and explorations of stunning national parks.

Explore Levi's Natural Wonders:

1. Levi Fells and Forests E-Fatbike Adventure:

Embark on a thrilling e-fatbike adventure with our expert guide, navigating the enchanting terrain of Lapland. Following a brief introduction to the electric fatbike, you'll journey through the foothills of Kätkätunturi, one of Levi's largest mountains. After approximately 30 minutes of riding, pause for a rejuvenating break with a hot drink and a small snack.

The return trip takes a different route, allowing you to witness varied landscapes. If needed, we can arrange a return transportation from the breakpoint by car (additional charges apply). Kätkätunturi, a nature-protected area, provides opportunities to spot wildlife and reindeer, adding a touch of adventure to your journey.

2. Electric Fatbike Day Rental in Levi:

For a more leisurely exploration, opt for an electric fatbike day rental. Biking with the electric fatbike is a relaxed outdoor activity suitable for families and friends. Enjoy the day outdoors, taking in the breathtaking landscape of Levi with the assistance of electric power. Switch between three power levels or ride without assistance, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

Fatbikes are delivered to your accommodation at 10:00 AM and picked up at 5:00 PM, ensuring a full day of exploration. If you don't have your skiing helmet, we'll provide one along with the bikes. Our Leader Fox bikes, known for their quality, enhance your biking experience in Lapland.

3. Korouoma National Park and Frozen Waterfalls:

Discover the enchanting beauty of Korouoma National Park, where ancient bedrock cracks reveal stunning frozen waterfalls, creating a magical winter experience. Our guided exploration takes you through this natural wonder, providing insights into the park's geological and ecological significance.
Marvel at the frozen landscapes, capturing the essence of Lapland's winter splendor. This immersive adventure is an ideal blend of nature appreciation and outdoor exploration, allowing you to connect with the untouched wilderness.


Why Choose Scandinavian Travel Group for Your Nature Adventure?

Scandinavian Travel Group ensures that your Hiking and Nature Activities are not only awe-inspiring but also seamless and comfortable. Our guided experiences, reliable equipment, and commitment to safety guarantee an unforgettable encounter with Lapland's natural wonders.

How to Book Your Nature Adventure:

Embark on a journey through Lapland's pristine landscapes with Scandinavian Travel Group. Book your Hiking and Nature Activities online for the best prices and a seamless experience. Explore Levi and Rovaniemi City's untamed beauty and create lasting memories. Book your winter nature escapade online at the best prices and with top-notch service!


Trip Advisor, Rovaniemi, Levi, Norway, and other trustworthy companies have included us in the Readers' Choice category of Best Traveler's Choice or Best Tour Operator and Specialist awards category.

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