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Rev up your winter adventure with Scandinavian Travel Group's Motorsport category in Lapland, Finland. Experience the thrill of ice karting, snowmobiling, and more in Levi and Rovaniemi.

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Experience the thrill of ice karting in Levi, Lapland (Finland)! Scandinavian Travel Group brings you an exhilarating winter activity just 5 minutes from the village. Book online for a heart-pounding adventure on the ice track. Get ready for safety instructions, don winter-racing gear, and take control of a go-kart with studded tires and a silent four-stroke engine. The standard program includes 2 laps of 15 minutes each, with a break by the open fire. Opt for additional delights like a warm soup lunch or a snow tubing session. Unleash the racer in you and make memories in the winter wonderland of Levi.

Ice karting in Levi

Exciting ice go-karting: Enjoy two thrilling 15-minute laps, and take a break by the fire with warm berry juice!

1 h 45 min

Levi, Lapland



Levi, Finland

Keskuskuja 2 B 3, 99130 Sirkka, FI

Winter Motorsport Adventures in Lapland: Ice Karting, Snowmobiling, and More

Welcome to Scandinavian Travel Group's Motorsport category, where we invite you to unleash the excitement of winter adventures in the enchanting landscapes of Levi and Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Our carefully crafted Motorsport experiences promise an adrenaline rush like no other, blending the thrill of speed with the pristine beauty of the Arctic.

Why Choose Our Motorsport Adventures?


At Scandinavian Travel Group, we understand that winter enthusiasts seek not just adventure but unforgettable memories. Our Motorsport category is curated to cater to the desires of thrill-seekers, providing a range of exciting activities set against the stunning backdrop of Lapland's winter wonderland.

Ice Karting: Race on Frozen Tracks


Rev up your winter adventure with our ice-karting experience in Levi, Lapland. Located just 5 minutes from the village, our ice-karting track offers a unique blend of speed and icy exhilaration. Upon arrival, you'll receive comprehensive safety instructions, rules, and driving tips inside our warm facility. Gear up in winter-racing attire, including helmets, hoods, shoes, gloves, and overalls.

Head to the ice track where up to 8 go-karts, equipped with studded tires and silent four-stroke engines, await. The standard program includes driving a go-kart for 2 laps, with each lap lasting 15 minutes and a 15-minute break in between. Throughout the event, hot juice is served by an open fire outdoors.

Additional Options on the Tour:


Soup Lunch: Refuel in a warm café with a hearty soup, bread/butter, and your choice of coffee or tea.
Snowtubing Ticket: Add an extra layer of fun with our snowtubing option. Two colorfully lit slides of different lengths offer enjoyment for all ages.

How to Book:

Embrace the thrill of our winter Motorsport adventures by booking online. We offer the best prices and guarantee top-notch service for every adventure seeker. Don't miss the chance to rev up your winter in Lapland with Scandinavian Travel Group. Your Arctic adventure awaits – secure your spot now! Book your adrenaline-packed winter tours online for the best prices and top-notch service!


Trip Advisor, Rovaniemi, Levi, Norway, and other trustworthy companies have included us in the Readers' Choice category of Best Traveler's Choice or Best Tour Operator and Specialist awards category.

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