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Embark on a serene journey with Scandinavian Travel Group's Floating Tours. Immerse yourself in Lapland's pristine waters, from Aurora Ice Floating to Arctic Ice Fishing.

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Embark on a thrilling Arctic journey with Scandinavian Travel Group in Finland, Lapland! Book your day trip from Levi to the Bothnian Sea, where you'll board the Icebreaker Polar Explorer. Experience the power of this unique vessel, specially designed to navigate the icy waters of the Arctic seas. Explore the engine room, visit the Captain's bridge, and even take a daring swim in the freezing waters during the one-hour stop. Unleash the adventurer in you and secure your spot online!

Cruise on icebreaker Polar Explorer with lunch and transfer from Levi

Widen the horizons and go on a day trip to the Swedish side of Lapland to experience a cruise on a real icebreaker with floating and lunch.

11 h

Levi, Lapland


Embark on a thrilling day trip from Rovaniemi to the Bothnian Sea with Scandinavian Travel Group, Finland, Lapland. Board the Icebreaker Polar Explorer and dive into the wonders of the Arctic seas. Discover the history of this unique vessel, designed to navigate frozen waters and break through ice sheets. Explore seven operational stations, from the engine room to the Captain's bridge. Experience a one-hour stop for an icy swim in flotation suits — suitable for all, including kids 125cm and above. Book your Arctic adventure online now!

Cruise on icebreaker Polar Explorer with lunch and transfer from Rovaniemi

Book a day trip to the Swedish side of Lapland to experience a cruise on a real icebreaker with floating.

8 h

Rovaniemi, Lapland


Embark on a surreal encounter with the Northern Lights through our Aurora Ice Floating experience in Rovaniemi, Finland (Lapland). Immerse yourself in a frozen lake, adorned by the Aurora Borealis, all while snug in a high-quality rescue suit. Secure your spot for an unforgettable winter night in Lapland! #AuroraMagic #IceFloatingAdventure #LaplandWinterWonder

Aurora ice floating in Rovaniemi

Get into a safe floating suit and let us dip you in the cold water of the lake, close your eyes… breathe the pure air, and feel your mind and body relax.

3 h

Rovaniemi, Lapland



Levi, Finland

Keskuskuja 2 B 3, 99130 Sirkka, FI

Discover Tranquility with Scandinavian Travel Group's Floating Experiences in Finland!


Indulge in the magic of Lapland's winter wonderland with Scandinavian Travel Group's Floating Experiences. Our carefully curated tours offer a unique blend of adventure and tranquility, allowing you to connect with the pristine nature of Finland and Lapland. Discover the following enchanting floating activities:


Aurora Ice Floating:


Step into the calm waters of Lapland's lakes and let the Arctic stillness embrace you. Our high-quality rescue suits ensure warmth and protection, letting you float effortlessly under the starlit sky. Breathe in the pure Arctic air, relax your mind and body, and, with a bit of luck, witness the Northern Lights dancing above.


Arctic Ice Fishing:


Experience the thrill of ice fishing in Lapland's frozen wilderness. Our expert guides will lead you to the best spots, where you'll drill through the ice, drop your line, and wait for a catch. Enjoy the peacefulness of the Arctic landscape as you engage in this traditional winter activity.


Winter Sauna on Ice:


Immerse yourself in the Finnish sauna tradition with our unique Winter Sauna on Ice experience. Located on frozen lakes, these mobile saunas offer a blend of relaxation and adventure. Enjoy the warmth of the sauna amidst the snowy landscapes, then cool down with a refreshing dip in the icy waters.


Whether you seek the tranquility of floating under the Northern Lights or the excitement of ice fishing, Scandinavian Travel Group's Floating Experiences promise an unforgettable winter adventure. Book your tour online and embrace the magic of Lapland's icy landscapes. 


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Trip Advisor, Rovaniemi, Levi, Norway, and other trustworthy companies have included us in the Readers' Choice category of Best Traveler's Choice or Best Tour Operator and Specialist awards category.

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