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Embark on a magical journey through the Arctic wilderness with the gentle companionship of reindeer. Scandinavian Travel Group invites you to explore the captivating world of reindeer safari and farm visits in Lapland. 

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Reindeer Express Safari in Levi

Reindeer Express Safari in Levi

Short reindeer experience program, express ride on reindeer sleds through a beautiful winter forest.

2 hours

Levi, Lalpland


Super Reindeer Safari 50 Min in Levi

Super Reindeer Safari 50 Min in Levi

Join us on a magical journey to a reindeer farm, lovingly owned by a Lappish family for five generations.

2 h 30 min

Levi, Lalpland


Lappish Village Reindeer Safari in Levi

Lappish Village Reindeer Safari in Levi

Experience the authentic culture of Lappish reindeer herders and create cherished memories on this short yet unforgettable program.

2 hours

Levi, Lalpland



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Levi, Finland

Activities & Safaris

from Scandinavian Travel Group


Safari Market is our main tourist office, it's located in Levi, Finland (Lapland). Thru our local offices and service desks, we offer help to all our clients: provide tourist information, resolve clients’ issues arising on holiday, book excursion and activity programs, ski school, ski services, etc...


We operate the largest incoming network in Levi servicing clients in multiple languages: English, Finnish, German, Chinese, and Russian. During the high season, we have additional service desks in ski offices (Zero Point and South Point) and major hotels.


Embark on a magical journey through the Arctic wilderness with the gentle companionship of reindeer. Scandinavian Travel Group invites you to explore the captivating world of reindeer safari and farm visits in Levi, Lapland. An extraordinary adventure awaits, where you can connect with these majestic animals and immerse yourself in the charm of Lapland's pristine landscapes.

The Must-Do Activities in Lapland

Lapland is a treasure trove of enchanting experiences, and our reindeer safari is one of the top must-do activities. Alongside this unforgettable adventure, discover other captivating activities that complete your Lapland escapade:


  1. Travel through the Arctic Wilderness on a Safari: Traverse the breathtaking Arctic landscapes and witness the raw beauty of nature on an exhilarating safari.

  2. Watch the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Dance: Witness the captivating dance of the Northern Lights, as they paint the night sky with ethereal colors.

  3. Go Husky Dog Sledding: Experience the thrill of being pulled through the snow by a team of energetic huskies, guiding you to a wintery wonderland.

  4. Visit Santa Claus Village: Embark on a journey to Santa's magical realm, where wonder and joy fill the air all year round.

  5. Learn the Art of Building a Snow Igloo: Delight in the ancient skill of crafting a snow igloo, a true testament to Lapland's winter heritage.

Connect with Gentle Giants


Reindeer are not only mythical figures from stories; they are real and remarkable creatures that we proudly share the Arctic with. The reindeer safari in Levi offers a unique opportunity to encounter these magnificent animals up close, revealing their gentle and endearing nature. At the reindeer farm, you can feed them lichen, an earthy mix of algae and fungus, while enjoying freshly baked buns prepared by our tour guide.

A Journey Through Lapland's Wintry Splendor


As you hop aboard the reindeer sled and wrap yourself in a warm blanket, you'll embark on a mesmerizing 50-minute Super Reindeer Safari. Let these elegant creatures guide you through the snow-glittered forest and enchanting surroundings of Levi. It's a chance to capture cherished memories with photo opportunities

alongside your large antlered friends.

Aurora Hunting on a Safari


As twilight sets in, don't miss the chance to witness the celestial dance of the Northern Lights. Our Safari also offers Aurora Hunting, providing an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature's most enchanting light show.

How to Book Your Reindeer Ride in Levi, Lapland


Booking your reindeer safari is simple and seamless. You can secure your spot online or reach out to us via the contact form, and our travel agent will be delighted to assist you. For personalised assistance, please contact the contacts listed in the footer of the website.

More Enchanting Tours with Scandinavian Travel Group


We believe in creating magical moments, and our tours extend beyond the reindeer safari. Experience the wonder of the Northern Lights with our snowshoeing at night, embark on thrilling snowmobile adventures, or indulge in the excitement of a husky safari after dark. Our friendly team of travel operators is here to help you curate a dreamlike experience in Lapland. Let the Adventure Begin: Reindeer Safari and Farm Visits Await You!


Trip Advisor, Rovaniemi, Levi, Norway, and other trustworthy companies have included us in the Readers' Choice category of Best Traveler's Choice or Best Tour Operator and Specialist awards category.

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