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Husky Safari & Kennel Visits: Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding in Levi, Lapland. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure with husky sledding and discover the magic of being whisked away through wintery forests and breathtaking landscapes by a team of exuberant huskies.

Select Destination:
Experience the thrill of mushing your own dog sled in arctic Lapland! Book a self-guided husky safari on a 5 km track, approximately 30-45 min long. Drive through frozen lakes and forests, immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of Lapland. The adventure includes a stop-over, where you can switch places with the musher. Get detailed driving instructions upon arrival. A 40-minute trip from Rovaniemi city center. Hear the dogs' steps and breathing as they lead you on an unforgettable journey. The host shares insights into life with the dogs. Book online for a unique winter experience!

Husky kennel and self-guided safari 5 km in Rovaniemi

Meet and pet the huskies at the small family kennel and explore the silence of the winter nature of Lapland on a self-guided husky safari.

2 h 30 min

Rovaniemi, Lapland


Experience the thrill of a self-guided husky safari in Lapland! Join our winter tour to Rovaniemi City and book your online adventure with the Scandinavian Travel Group. Drive your dog sled on a captivating 10-15 km track around Ylinampa Lake, surrounded by scenic hills. Enjoy the beauty of Lapland's uninhabited landscapes and spot wild animals along the coastline. The approximate safari time is 45-60 min, with a stop-over for a change of places. Warm up in a cozy teepee after the ride, sipping a hot drink. Choose the option to drive a single sled for a more personalized experience (extra charge applies).

Husky kennel and self-guided safari 10-15 km in Rovaniemi

Be brave to drive your husky sled, it is easy and full of emotions.

3 h 30 min

Rovaniemi, Lapland


Embark on a Husky Safari like no other in Levi, Lapland. Drive your own team of huskies on a self-guided adventure with Scandinavian Travel Group. Book now!

Husky Safari Self-Guided 5 km in Levi

Experience the Thrill of Husky Safari with our huskies.

2 h 30 min

Levi, Lapland


Take the reins of your own husky team on a self-guided adventure in Levi, Lapland. Join this thrilling Husky Safari with Scandinavian Travel Group.

Self-Guided Husky Safari 10 km in Levi

Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure that will stay etched in your memory forever?

3 h

Levi, Lapland



Levi, Finland

Keskuskuja 2 B 3, 99130 Sirkka, FI


Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding in Levi, Lapland.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure with husky sledding in Levi, Lapland, and discover the magic of being whisked away through wintery forests and breathtaking landscapes by a team of exuberant huskies. At Scandinavian Travel Group, we invite you to make unforgettable memories with our thrilling husky safaris that will leave you in awe of these magnificent animals.

Embark on a Husky Safari in Levi, Lapland


A dog-powered sledge ride is an experience like no other. Picture yourself gliding across the glistening snow, guided by these spirited huskies, as you revel in the beauty of Lapland's winter wonderland. At Scandinavian Travel Group, we offer a variety of husky safaris to cater to your preferences and ensure you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Choose Your Husky Safari Experience

  1. Self-Guided Adventure: For independent adventurers, we offer the option of a self-guided husky safari. Take control of your sled and steer your way through the scenic terrain, creating an unforgettable bond with your husky team.

  2. Guided Expedition with a Musher: If you prefer to leave the driving to the experts, opt for our guided husky safari with a personal dog sled driver, known as the "musher." Let the musher take the reins while you soak in the breathtaking views of the Levi landscape as the huskies lead the way.

An Enchanting Journey from Kennel to Sleigh

Our husky safaris typically commence with a visit to the kennels, providing a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet the Siberian huskies and tundra wolves. As you connect with these friendly animals, you'll witness their boundless energy and incredible stamina that make them perfect companions for your snow safari. Once you're acquainted with the huskies, hop on the sleigh with your family or friends, and brace yourself for an exhilarating ride through the ice and snow, guided by these majestic creatures.

5 Reasons to Love a Husky Safari in Levi, Lapland


  1. Old-Fashioned Winter Adventure: Rediscover the joy of exploring a winter wonderland while being pulled along by huskies in a traditional sleigh.

  2. Immersive Nature Experience: Delve into the heart of the remote and extraordinary landscape of Levi, connecting with the stunning natural surroundings.

  3. Bond with Energetic Huskies: Interact with the huskies and embrace their outgoing personalities and expressive eyes, which reflect their intelligence.

  4. Night Safari Under the Northern Lights: Opt for a night safari and increase your chances of witnessing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights dancing across the Arctic sky.

  5. Inclusive Adventure for All Ages: Whether young or old, husky sledding is an activity that brings joy to everyone, regardless of their age or ability.

Booking Your Husky Safari in Levi, Lapland

This exhilarating outdoor activity allows you to savor the pure Arctic air while enjoying the comfort of the sleigh. Booking a husky safari with Scandinavian Travel Group is simple and convenient. You can reserve your spot online or reach out to us via contact form, and our dedicated travel agent will be in touch. For personalised assistance, please contact the contacts listed in the footer of the website.

More Adventures with Scandinavian Travel Group

Discover a host of other exciting tours and activities with Scandinavian Travel Group, including Northern Lights hunting by car, night snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing at night for Aurora hunting, horse riding after dark, and reindeer safaris at night. Explore our website or contact us directly to learn more about all our exceptional tours and create unforgettable memories in Lapland.


Trip Advisor, Rovaniemi, Levi, Norway, and other trustworthy companies have included us in the Readers' Choice category of Best Traveler's Choice or Best Tour Operator and Specialist awards category.

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