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Guide Vacancy in Lapland

Discover an exciting opportunity to join our international team at Scandinavian Travel Group. Guide travelers on unforgettable excursions and activities in Levi, Rovaniemi, and beyond. Explore our guide vacancy now.

Discover an exciting opportunity to join our international team at Scandinavian Travel Group. Guide travelers on unforgettable excursions and activities in Levi, Rovaniemi, and beyond. Explore our guide vacancy now.
Guide Vacancy in Lapland in Scandinavian Travel Group company

Are you passionate about exploring the wonders of Lapland while guiding others on incredible adventures? Join our international team at Scandinavian Travel Group and embark on a journey that promises not only memorable experiences but also a chance to share your passion with fellow travelers.

Guide Vacancy in Lapland

Job Duration:

We offer three flexible options for job durations:

  • 1 month (short-term peak season): 11.12.2023 – 10.01.2024

  • 2 months (half a season): 1.12.2023 – 31.01.2024

  • 4 months (the whole season): 15.11.2023 – 15.03.2024


With a rich history spanning over 17 years, Scandinavian Travel Group - Safari Market has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing intelligent and friendly customer service in Lapland. As a guide, your primary role will be to lead and educate travelers on excursions and activities in the enchanting locations of Levi, Rovaniemi, and beyond. This often involves a delightful combination of guiding and driving.

Key Information

Main Workplace:

Scandinavian Travel Group office, located at the center of the Levi resort, Lapland.

Main Working Language:


Additional Languages:

Proficiency in Finnish, French, Dutch, and Spanish is highly advantageous.

Work Schedule:

As per mutual agreement.

Types of Guide Work:

Weekly Scheduled Group Activities: Encompassing a range of excursion activities, such as visits to reindeer and husky farms, snow hotels, and day trips.

Private Programs

Offering outdoor adventures and evening activities, including snowshoeing, fat-biking, and Northern Lights programs.

As a guide, you will be expected to be a captivating storyteller, prepared to absorb and share extensive knowledge about arctic animals, local lifestyles, cultures, histories, geographies, climates, and traditions. Most of our guided excursions and activities are local, based in Levi and Rovaniemi. However, some adventures may require driving to other areas of Lapland, such as Rovaniemi, Ranua, and even neighboring countries like Norway and Sweden.

Excursion Highlights:

Our portfolio features an impressive array of winter activities, including interactions with arctic animals like huskies, reindeer, and horses, nature and well-being experiences like snowshoeing and Northern Lights searches, motorsport adventures encompassing ice karting, snowmobile safaris, and winter rally driving, cultural and historical explorations, Christmas-themed delights, and day trips to the Arctic Circle Santa village in Rovaniemi, the Icebreaker, Snow and Ice hotel, King Crab safaris, and more.

Our Diverse Clientele:

Our clients originate from the US, Latin America, and European countries, including the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. We also extend our warm welcome to travelers from Eastern European nations like Romania and Ukraine and various Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan.

Required Skills/Experience/Knowledge:

  • A minimum of 1 year of experience working as a guide in a travel company in Finland or Scandinavian countries.

  • Valid driver's license of at least category B.

  • Proficient driving experience, particularly in winter snowy conditions.

  • An open-minded and welcoming attitude.

  • Exceptional memory and a keenness for acquiring new facts and information.

  • Excellent communication skills, including the art of storytelling for customers.

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English (minimum C1).

  • A customer-oriented approach.

  • A proactive and self-disciplined work ethic.

  • Strong teamwork skills.

Your Responsibilities:

Your role will encompass several vital duties, including:

  • Collecting customers from the meeting point, which can be either the Scandinavian Travel Group office or their accommodations.

  • Safely driving to the activity destination while sharing intriguing stories during the transfer.

  • Skillfully guiding and educating at the excursion destination.

  • Ensuring that outdoor nature activities are conducted with expertise, including knowledge, skills, and preparations regarding clothing, equipment, beverages, and other essentials.

Application Deadline:

The application period ends on 30.06.2023.

Are you ready to share the magic of Lapland with travelers from around the world? We invite you to send your CV to and embark on an unforgettable journey as a guide with Scandinavian Travel Group.


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