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Husky Kennel in Levi: A Family Trip to Lapland

Are you planning a family winter trip to Lapland? Discover one of the most popular family activities in the region: the Husky Kennel in Levi. Planning your holiday ensures a reliable budget estimate, allowing you to fully enjoy the magic of Lapland.

Embark on a family adventure to Lapland's renowned Husky Kennel in Levi. Discover the friendly temperament of Arctic Huskies, take a thrilling husky sled ride through snowy landscapes, and explore the unique Husky Park. Choose from self-guided husky safaris for older children or musher-driven experiences for families with young children. Plan your unforgettable family trip with us! A Family Trip to Lapland with Scandinavian Travel Group
Husky Kennel in Levi: A Family Trip to Lapland with Scandinavian Travel Group

Huskies: Arctic Explorers with Friendly Spirits

Known for their friendly temperament, huskies are loyal and reliable companions, making them perfect for families. These born explorers love socializing and are curious, making interactions with Arctic Huskies an enjoyable experience, especially for children aged 3 and up.

A Thrilling Trip to the Husky Kennel in Levi

The Husky Kennel in Levi offers more than a kennel; it's a gateway to thrilling adventures. Visitors can embark on a husky sled ride through snow-covered fir trees and across ice-covered lakes. Specially trained Arctic-Alaskan Huskies, known for their hospitality, are ready to take you on a ride.

Choose Your Husky Adventure

Husky Kennel & Safari (10 km or 5 km): Ideal for families with older children, these self-guided experiences offer scenic tracks through Lapland's fabulous forests. Dress warmly for a journey with stunning views.

Husky Park: Perfect for families with young children, Husky Park is more than a kennel; it's a contact zoo with foxes and deer. Enjoy a tea party in a yurt and witness the extraordinary welcome of dozens of huskies.

Special Husky Safari for Families

For families with young children, our Husky Park program offers a musher-driven safari covering 2 km in Levi. The large sled accommodates the whole family comfortably, led by a kennel staff member for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Book Your Unforgettable Family Adventure

Ready to create cherished family memories? Book your family trip to the Husky Kennel in Levi with Scandinavian Travel Group. Choose your husky adventure, from self-guided safaris to musher-driven experiences. Our manager is ready to accommodate any additional wishes for an extraordinary Lapland experience.


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