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What the Santa Park admission ticket covers

Your entrance ticket to Santa Park covers all the fun attractions inside:


  1. Santa Park Exciting Show (performed on stage 3 times a day)

  2. Elf School Interactive Show with Elf School Diploma and Elf Trainee Hat

  3. Magic Train Ride

  4. Handicrafts in Elf Workshops

  5. Visit to Ice Gallery, and Ice Bar & and meet with the Ice Princess under the crossing of the Arctic Circle

  6. Visit the Gingerbread Bakery and Gingerbread decoration.

  7. Guaranteed family meeting with Santa Claus in his office

  8. Visit to Elves’ Post Office

  9. Twi Gaming Arenas

  10. Toy Factory Shopping Area

  11. Santa’s Corner Shop.


Please take as many photos and videos with the fairytale creatures as possible! There is a separate charge for having a professional photo with Santa Claus in his Santa Park chamber. But you can also take photos with your camera. In Santa Park restaurant you have a lunch included in your program. Deserts, coffee, and additional drinks need to be paid separately. After visiting Santa Park you will get on the bus and head back to Levi in time for dinner.

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