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Elves kingdom and Santa Claus workshop


2 h 30 min


Levi, Lapland







Join a unique Elves Village adventure, complete with gingerbread baking, reindeer visits, and a meeting with Santa Claus.

Visiting the Elves Kingdom is a unique Christmas program for both children and adults only available in Levi. The Kingdom lies on the bank of the longest river in Lapland and is hidden from the people’s eyes by the magic forest. You will join an organized group program.

Once the bus turns off the main road, thousands of candles and Christmas lights will guide the way to the Elves’ Kingdom. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the elf. You will get a secret map of the area that will lead you through the wintery forest and a magic Seita stone to the Elves’ Hideaway.

In the Gingerbread house, you will bake delicious gingerbread cookies and at Elves´s school, you will make decorations like snowflakes and elves not to mention a visit to the Wise Elf´s house where you can find a crystal eye on the roof that Ämmi (Grandmother) calls her third eye. 

On the way, the elves are helping you to find these magic places and telling you more about their life in the Elves Village. Outside you can do tobogganing and finally visit the reindeer that live in the area. The highlight of the tour is of course meeting with Santa Claus himself. Traditional rice porridge with sweet and delicious raisin soup will be served in Tonttula cafe at the end of the program. After an eventful and fun morning, the elves bid you farewell.


  • Transportation from Levi center

  • Guiding

  • All the activities with Elves

  • Warm drinks, self-made ginger biscuits

  • Self-made Christmas decoration

  • Traditional kick sledges, tobogganing, baking ginger biscuits, making Christmas decorations

  • Meeting with Santa Claus

  • Traditional Christmas porridge with raisin soup

  • Visiting reindeer fence.


  • Warm winter clothing

  • Gifts from Santa Claus.


We recommend wearing warm winter clothing. It can be rented separately before the departure from the Safari Market office in Levi Center.