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King Crab Safari Fisherman Dream to Norway from Levi


12 h

Full day

Levi, Lapland







Meet the King of Arctic Norway on a thrilling boat trip to the North fjords and enjoy a filling lunch from the freshly prepared king crab.

During this day trip from Levi, you will travel all the way to Arctic Ocean in North Norway to go on a famous KingCrab safari, see Norwegian Fjords, get a taste of a life of Norwegian fisherman, savor a freshly caught and prepared king crab for lunch or dinner. Transfer from Levi to Kirkenes (Norway) takes about 6 hours one way. Time on the RIB boat in the fjord is about 2-3 hours.


We will wake you up with a freshly brewed Finnish coffee and tasty breakfast pack in a bus. As we’re driving to the North, you’ll see a landscape changing from taiga to tundra and after the Norwegian border crossing – fjords and mountains. After we arrive to the Arctic Ocean, we will stop at the peer of the most Northern never-freezing fjord. After a briefing about safety rules at sea we will put on the warm floating suits, board on a RIB boat and go out on a cruise in the fjord. When we reach the fishing grounds your captain will lift a big crab pod from the sea bottom full of crabs and release them on the deck. You can take photos with crabs. Captain will explain the difference between male and female, and if you’re lucky you can taste crab caviar.  If the weather allows you can also try deep-sea angling from the boat at the same time. If we are lucky, we might also see some whales, seals and porpoises. When we return on the shore, you will be invited to a local village restaurant for a a delicious meal of freshly boiled king crab with speciality sauce. After the lunch you will return to Levi by bus.


This experience is nothing short of authentic. The RIB boat is safe and your captain has a lifetime experience in the sea. When you go out to the fjord, you can feel the nature’s elements: the sprays of salty water, the wind, seagulls screaming … and the smell of fresh seafood, of course. You might not be comfortable all the time, but on the way home you know you’ve done something special, something genuine. Sustainability is a natural part of this experience.


  • Transport

  • Guiding throughout the whole program

  • All the gear (warm overall floating suite) on the boat

  • Fjord-cruise on a RIB boat

  • Refreshments, dinner in a local village restaurant from the freshly boiled king crab

  • Taste of sea fishing experience.