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Northern Lights check by car in Levi


2 h

Late evening

Levi, Lapland







Embark on an Aurora adventure in Levi! Join our Wild Lapland program for a thrilling hunt for the Northern Lights: Hunting for Aurora by car!

Wild Lapland is waiting for you just outside of Levi Center. This program is for real enthusiasts of Aurora hunting. We will be driving by a minivan or minibus and searching for a place with the clearest sky to enjoy the arctic nature's best show.

Clouds and snowstorms can make it difficult to see the Northern Lights. But often even in cloudy weather, we can still see the Lights or a glimpse of it. It takes knowledge of the local weather, patience, and pursuance. We will visit places in the area of 30-40 km around Levi searching for unobstructed Northern hemisphere sky view and minimum light pollution.

Your guide will introduce you to the mysterious Aurora Hunters' world, you will hear some stories and legends about this natural phenomenon. We hope to spot an indication of Aurora, which usually is followed by the most fascinating show of the Arctic nature. We have prepared a warm drink with some ginger cookies to help you stay warm.


  • Transport.

  • Guiding throughout the program. 

  • Warm drinks (non-alcoholic berry juice). 

  • Gingerbread cookies.


Warm winter clothing.


  • We recommend wearing warm winter clothing. It can be rented separately before the departure at extra charge

  • If you want to rent the clothing, please be at least 20 min before pick up time to get dressed.