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Polarman's Camp and Snow Igloo Park


3 hours

Late evening

Levi, Lapland







Levi Northern Lights Tour: Polarman's Camp and Snow Igloo Park: An Enchanting Arctic Adventure.

Levi Northern Lights Tour: Polarman’s camp – our exclusive place just outside Levi, without tourist buzz, with an unobstructed Northern horizon view, almost 360⁰ sky view, minimum light pollution, and warm Aurora dome shelter! You will be met by the Polarman – our storyteller who will be your guide to the mysterious Aurora Hunters’ world. Get yourself comfortable around the open firepit on the frozen boat landing place for an introduction.

Follow the Polarman on a beautiful nature walk along the river and visit the unique Snow Igloo park. Snow Park looks magical in the darkness thanks to multi-colored lighting of snow walls and constructions. We have several types of igloos in the park including Eskimos (Inuit) igloo (made of snow blocks) and snow caves used for winter survival in the North. Crawl into the real snow igloo and hear the Polarman story about the winter survival technique. We have the snow playground for kids with tobogganing snowslide, snow tunnels and snow maze. As the winter season goes by, the igloo park grows bigger thanks to our unique “Build Your Own Snow Igloo” program.

Having spent some time outdoors, it’s nice to come and warm up in our Aurora dome, where the temperature stays +15 degrees or higher. Sitting by a crackling fireplace and warming your hands next to the flame you’ll see a movie on a big screen about the Northern Lights and hear some interesting stories and legends about this natural phenomenon.

Our watcher guide will be keeping his eyes on the sky all the time. As soon as he spots an indication of Aurora, we’ll invite you outside to enjoy the most fascinating show of the Arctic nature. We’ll be taking photos of the Lights with you in it if you wish and will send them to your email. If you feel cold at any time during the program, you can always warm up inside the Aurora dome, have some hot berry juice or magic drink with some ginger cookies.

It’s time to enjoy Lappish BBQ: sit comfortably around the open fire outside and grill sausages, while our guide will tell more stories about the North and the way of life here. Children usually long to grill marshmallows in the fire.


  • Transfer

  • Guiding throughout the program.

  • Photo session, sending photos to clients by email.

  • Warm-up place in Aurora dome.

  • Warm drink (non-alcoholic berry juice or our special magic drink), ginger cookies.

  • A movie about the Northern Lights.

  • Outside firepit sitting area.

  • Lappish BBQ: grilling marshmallows and sausages.

  • Visit Aurora Hunters’ Snow Igloo Park.

  • Arctic toilet.


  • Warm winter clothing

  • Chicken, vegetarian or vegan sausage.


We recommend wearing warm winter clothing. It can be rented separately before the departure from the Safarimarket office in Levi center at extra charge. If you want to rent the clothing, please be at le