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Family snowmobile safari in Rovaniemi


3 h 30 min


Rovaniemi, Lapland







A daytime snowmobile safari for the whole family with the possibility for kids to drive mini-snowmobiles.

This snowmobile safari is made for families with small children who want to ride mini snowmobiles. We will go for the ride on the marked snowmobile forest trails in the wild, where parents can ride their snowmobile and children are traveling in the sleigh pulled by the guide's snowmobile.

Children over 140 cm whose feet can fully reach the footrests can sit on the snowmobile behind the driver and pay the adult price. After the traditional snowmobile safari, it is time for children's snowmobile driving. The smaller family members get to drive children's snowmobiles on a safe dedicated track under supervision. These vehicles are just what young girls and boys dream of – a replica of an adult snowmobile, but lighter. This activity is suitable for children 4-12 years old (with height up to 140 cm /max. 40 kg weight).

Children can also play in the snow. Snow games and fun guarantee a playful tour. There is time to relax by a campfire and also, have a cup of warm berry juice. The riding time on a snowmobile safari is approximately 45 min. The average speed during our tours is limited due to safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on one snowmobile, single riding supplement for an extra charge. Children are traveling in the sleigh pulled by the guide's snowmobile.


  • Transfer. 

  • Guided safari. 

  • Hot drink.

  • Warm clothing, boots, helmet, gloves/mittens, socks, scarfs. 

  • Kids get to drive special mini snowmobiles (the height limit for driving a mini-snowmobile is about 140 cm).



  • Please take your driving license with you on the snowmobile safari as the police may check the validity of the license during the safari. 

  • We recommend wearing thermo body-wear & multilayer clothing and woolen socks. 

  • You will get warm outer clothing and boots before the safari. 

  • For those people who consider self-rental: out there you'll be surrounded by almost total whiteness, so it's quite easy to lose one's way for the first time, that's why to guarantee quality time, we highly recommend for the first time go on an organized safari with an experienced local guide.