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Night snowmobile safari In search of Northern Lights in Levi


3 h


Levi, Lapland







Evening snowmobile safari is a special experience with the chance to see the Northern Lights or starry sky.

When the sun sets, comes the blue darkness of night. Then we're ready for the night adventure: we rev up our engines and speed across fields and through the wilderness, hoping to see aurora borealis dancing in the sky, or at least hope to see the moon and the bright stars.

After a while, we will arrive at the lean-to, where a guide will make a crackling campfire to keep the chill winds and freezing temperatures at bay. We will have a cup of warm drink and a grilled sausage. Then we head back home. The tour starts at a local safari house in Levi, where you change into gear, guaranteed to keep you warm and dry during the safari, including overalls, boots, helmet, and gloves.

Once equipped, a guide gives you brief instructions, and off you go! The average speed during our tours is limited due to safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on one snowmobile unless a single (solo) supplement has been booked. Children under 130 cm in height ride in a sleigh pulled by the guide's snowmobile.


  • Transfer. 

  • Guided safari. 

  • Warm clothing, boots, helmet, gloves/mittens, socks, scarves. 

  • A hot drink. 

  • Grilled sausage. 

  • The standard price is given for one person on a double snowmobile or in a sled. Solo driving is available as a supplement. 

  • Child price is valid for a child under 130 cm seated in a sleigh. Insurance covers accidents with a maximum driver excess of 800 €. 

  • You can buy a waiver for 20 € to lower the excess to 300 €. 

  • A waiver is available to buy only on the spot.



  • Please take your driving license with you on the snowmobile safari as the police may check the validity of the license during the safari. 

  • We recommend wearing thermo body-wear & multilayer clothing and woolen socks. 

  • You get warm outer clothing and boots before the safari. 

  • For those people who consider self-rental: out there you'll be surrounded by almost total whiteness, so it's quite easy to lose one's way for the first time, that's why to guarantee quality time, we highly recommend for the first time to go on an organized safari with an experienced local guide.